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J Brook-Tanker continues to work in a specialist forensic service within the NHS, the Dorset Forensic Team; she is the Lead Clinician for Sex Offenders in Dorset. She is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist; please click on the link below for her entry in the British Psychological Society's Directory of Expert Witnesses.

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We have more than 18 years experience in acting as an expert witness in Civil, Criminal Mental and Family Proceedings cases. This includes the following:


  • Assessment of violence and sex offending, including mitigating factors.
  • Assessment Of Personality Disorder including Psychopathic Personality Disorder.
  • Assessment of mental illness and mental disorder.
  • Assessment of suitability for treatment.
  • Assessment of prisoners on Indeterminate Public Protection Orders for the Parole Board.
  • Risk Assessment.

Child Protection

  • Assessment and treatment of parents involved in non-accidental injury, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or neglect, including assessment of risk and prognosis for treatment.
  • Assessment of Personality Disorder, mental disorder, Learning Disability, risk of re-offending, mitigating factors and prognosis for treatment.

Psychological Functioning

  • Psychological assessment of intellectual functioning, level of mental impairment (learning disability).
  • Assessment of suggestibility in cases of "false confession".
  • Psychological effects of abuse, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Psychological assessment of mental health problems.
  • Assessment of mental illness and mental disorder.
  • Psychometric testing routinely conducted in the majority of cases.
  • Assessment under the Mental Capacity Act (e.g. capacity to instruct legal proceedings).

Personal Injury

Assessment and treatment of the psychological consequences of trauma including: victims of crime; occupational injury; terrorism; road traffic and other transport accidents.

Sexual Offending

Assessment and treatment of sexual offenders against adults or children in either criminal or care proceedings, including mitigating factors: assessment of risk of re-offending and prognosis for treatment.

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