Dorset PTSD Clinic

Our Trauma Clinic specialises in the assessment and treatment of individuals who have been exposed to traumatic incidents (e.g. transport accidents; sexual / violent assault; abuse; fire and other disasters); medical accidents and occupational issues (e.g. bullying and workplace accidents).

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Following the experience of trauma many individuals experience a stress response, which in many ways, can be considered to be a normal response to an abnormal event.

However, if symptoms persist or become especially severe, PTSD may develop characterised by intrusive memories of the trauma (flashbacks etc), avoidance of thinking about the trauma and people, places or objects that arouse recollections of it, and hyperarousal (sleep disturbance; irritability; physical anxiety).

What does the treatment involve?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been shown, through extensive research, to be effective and the treatment of choice for PTSD. It is recommended by NICE, the Government’s National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

Treatment typically consists of anxiety reduction techniques; imaginal exposure (remembering the trauma in the session), exploring anxious thoughts and beliefs; behavioural exposure (gradually confronting those stimuli which have been avoided) and problem solving the repercussions on family, friends and work.

Over a short period of time, most people feel a sense of mastery over their symptoms and begin achieve their pre-trauma level of functioning.

In some cases, individuals will benefit from some support in the community to assist with managing anxiety that is experienced in particular problematic situations.

Services to organisations

The clinic also offers de-briefing, training and support to organisations whose employees are at risk of developing PTSD or where individuals are suffering from such symptoms following trauma.

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